What We Offer

A Welcoming Community

The primary purpose of Gaming Caravan is to cultivate a respectful & loving community. Our thoughts, actions, and intentions go towards that goal. We are welcoming to all walks of life, and appreciate every single individual who gives us the opportunity to do what we love to do. Our sole expectation is to not have anyone intentionally shun, disrespect, or bring harm to anyone at or around our events. The world is a crazy place, and our events aim to be a safe-haven for those who enter.

Board Game Library

Our board games have been hand selected by the owner, our volunteers, and directly from community feedback from our social media (most specifically our Facebook Group). The games we’ve selected we believe to provide high-quality entertainment. I can guarantee that there is a game for everyone, and we aim to be a place for those games.

Miniature Figure Painting Area

Miniature figures, ironically enough, can be a HUGE expense. Thankfully, we’re able to provide multiple sets and dedicate an area at each of our events for those who want to try it out. We even have Army Painter booklets that instruct you in the basics of applying, layering, and toning your miniature figures.

We’ll have a dedicated tray of mini figs to paint from and when you’re all done, you get to take it home with you. This, as it currently is, is all included with the price of entry. Be sure to find out what events are coming up next and where to be sure you can try this out for yourself!