Tabletop Entrepreneur Assistance

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What is TEA?

Tabletop Entrepreneur Assistance  allows everyone to have quick access to high-quality help in the tabletop field.

Whether your needs are social media related, promotional, blind testing, game testing, or anything similar, TEA is here for you.

Our goal for TEA is to help assess your needs, and create an individual time-track for you while your game comes to fruition. Not everyone needs our services, and the first step is an online meeting to see if this is something that can help, or if we can give you some advice and send you on your way.

Why Does TEA Exist?

A big issue for board game developers and publishers is finding the right people to help market their product. With many generalized Kickstarter marketers and promotion “gurus” out there, the real question is what do they know about the tabletop gaming space?

Here at Gaming Caravan, not only are we immersed in the space, but we’ve proven our ability to get players interested in new and classic games through our strong network of industry connections, event participation, & influencer channels.

What Does TEA Do?

We pride ourselves in taking games from where they are, to where they need to go. Whether you need fresh eyes on your game, or you want more people demoing your game, or maybe even just connections with social media influencers.

We have access to all that and more. Look at our services below. No matter which one you need, we have one price for any of them.

We have both opportunities and connections to pitch your games to companies like Devir, 25th Century, Brotherwise, & more. We’ve created these relationships with publishers to ensure we find specific games they’d be interested in, and connect the designer with the publisher. Once you join TEA, we’ll get started on learning your game, creating a pitch, and making a list of publishers that would be a good fit to publish your specific game.

Once we’re able to pitch the game to those publishers, we sit and wait to see what they think.

One of the most important things for developers is to ensure your game can be played.

We offer a monthly playtesting with members from all walks of board game experiences. You tell us what demographics you’re looking for, and we have them come in to learn & play your game. After, we send you everyone’s input about the game, including our own on how the overall experience went, and how to make it better from their perspective.

Whether you’re looking for review videos to promote your content, quick and easy how to play videos on TikTok, or have your video included in a listicle, we have you covered.

Our contacts throughout various social media platforms will have your game seen on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more, without you needing to go to track multiple influencers.

Here in Central Florida, we’ve created a monthly tabletop event series and have gathered a large following of attendees, with even more supporters through our social media.

By being a sponsor, your game will be set-up on either a HOT GAMES, COMING SOON, or DEMO table at our events.

We have access to our mailing list of over 2,000 tabletop specific leads to send an email or text to.

Get your product seen by many individuals at once, that are already in the community. 

Attending conventions can be a hassle. Between the time commitment & hefty expenses, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll pick the right convention or connect with the right people.

We can demonstrate your games at our curated calendar of conventions & provide a hands-on interactive experience of your game for attendees, at an exclusive rate for only TEAP members.


1 Month

For quick assistance & upcoming projects
$ 99 Monthly
  • 2-3 Playtests
  • 1 Event Sponsorship
  • 1 Email Campaign
  • 1 Short on all Socials
Try Us out

3 Months

Get quarterly assistance with your needs
$ 249 Monthly
  • 6-8 Playtests
  • 3 Event Sponsorship
  • 3 Email Campaign
  • 3 Shorts on all Socials
Quarterly Help

12 Months

The best deal for your game
$ 999 Monthly
  • 24-30 Playtests
  • 12 Event Sponsorship
  • 12 Email Campaign
  • 12 Short on all Socials
Best Savings

How Do I Join?

If you want to learn more or are interested in our Tabletop Entrepreneur Assistance Program, be sure to fill out the form below to get a meeting with us about your game, and see if we can help get your game where it needs to go.