Market Your Games & Get Signed Like Never Before

What is the Gaming Caravan?

Gaming Caravan builds communities through tabletop gaming. We do this through hosting local events, convention sponsorships, & promoting high-quality games. We are a business based in nerd-culture that has grown from over 5+ years of passion and community building in Central Florida.

Can We Get Your Game Signed?

Most Board Game Designers have a very difficult goal for the most part — getting their games signed to publishers. Not only have we been working on a service for us to pitch your games too publishers, but we have almost finished work in becoming our own board game publishing company as well, specifically for unique board game development. As we are starting out in the field, we are able to give unique opportunities to board games that are in all stages of work.

Schedule a meeting to talk to us about our Board Game Representation and our Tabletop Publishing Offers.

What Do We Offer?

We’re building our list of services, but our most popular have been our How to Play Video Package, Mailing List Increase, & Local Event Sponsorship.

We have skills in bringing new eyes to board games through direct marketing, out-going and paid board game teachers, and content creation.

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