Our Events

How Do I Get Event Information?

Our events may change monthly, but we deliver our information the same ways– through our newsletters and Facebook group.
Join our newsletter to get all the information as it is relevant, and join our Facebook group to get all of our giveaway notifications, feedback for community events, and sneak peaks on what’s coming next, on top of being the first to know about EVERYTHING we do!

How Do I Buy a Ticket?

You can buy tickets to our event in-person at our event (first come, first serve), or here on our shop page to get a 10%+ discount! Also exclusive online, you can purchase a 4-Ticket pass that allows one (1) user to come to four events for the price of three.

 Our tickets are on sale as soon as we finalize venue details, which is typically 1-2 months ahead of time. To know exactly when we release ticket details, be sure to follow our mailing list!

What happens at an Event?

The whole purpose of the Gaming Caravan is to create a genuine community by hosting and organizing events for like-minded people can gather and get to know one another. Our events have special features such as a large, top-line gaming library (see here), a miniature figure painting center, with booklets to help you get started painting, and introduction spaces for those who want to know more about other parts of tabletop gaming, known as Experiences (or EXPs for short).

What is an "Experience"?

Experiences (aka EXPs) are our way of making casual fandoms possible. Maybe you’d like to test a board game before purchasing, but you don’t know where to try it. Or, if you’d like to get started with good tools to paint mini-figures, it’ll cost you at least $100. Maybe you don’t know of any Game Master willing to run a session.

That’s what our experiences are all about. At each of our events, we’ll have at least 3 EXPs for attendees to try. The schedule for these experiences will be posted a few days before the event, so people can know what time they need to show up to participate.

Some examples of our EXPs are an Intro to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, for all those who have heard so much but know so little about the endeavor. Additionally, we’ll have Trading Card Game intro classes for games like Pokémon, Magic: the Gathering, and more.

At our EXPs, we’ll provide everything needed to try your hand at the hobby, so you don’t need to worry about anything except buying a ticket.

How Do I Find Your Next Event?

We post our event locations, dates, times, and all other relevant information the second we have it all ready for you. To be the first to find out where we’re going and what we’ll have, be sure to sign-up for our newsletter, join our Facebook Group, & follow our Instagram (@GamingCaravan).