Game Library & Play to Wins

I’ve worked extensively on getting a great selection of titles together for Caravan Convoy 2024. I know you’ll enjoy yourself with these titles specifically from the past year and some unreleased titles you can check out at the event. If there are any games you’re looking forward to playing that you have, feel free to bring them! The focus on the event is to highlight new & upcoming board games, but you can have your fun however you’d like here.

As a token of my thanks, there will be 2 separate shelf units for games at the collection. Please be sure to check out the games on the sheet so we can track how many games were played, and so we can contact you if you win any of our Play to Win Games at the event. Below, you can filter these games for the event by either title, length of time, difficulty, player count, play to win, or publisher.

If you like what you see, be sure to grab a ticket to Caravan Convoy 2024 while you can!

TitlePublishersPlayer CountsGame LengthsDifficultiesPlay to Win
Abducktion, , ,
Ahoy, ,
Blazon, ,
Castles by the Sea, ,
Color Field, ,
Comic Book Boom!, ,
Donut Shop, ,
Draconian Blood Honor, , , ,
Fluff Fluff Boom, , , , , ,
Fort, ,
Gasha, , , , ,
High Noon, ,
Hissy Fit
Junk Drawer, ,
License to Krill, ,
Longboard, ,
Manaforge, ,
Meek Heroes Victory
Oh My Brain, , ,
Outrun the Bear, , , ,
Overboss, , ,
Pokemon Splendor, ,
Roll Camera!, , , ,
Root, ,
Speedcicleta, ,
That’s Your Opinion, , ,
The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, , , ,
The Last Kingdom the Board Game, , ,
Tiny Epic Crimes, ,
Velomino, , , ,
Wyrmspan, , ,