The CARAVAN TABLETOP AWARDS 2023 is our award show for the tabletop community to show appreciation for the games that created some amazing memories for you in this past year. Celebrating specifically the new releases of 2023 helps us gather around what keeps this area of life fresh and exciting, while also bonding over future releases and excitements coming out in the near future.

How Are Nominees Decided?

Here at Gaming Caravan, we will be cultivating a Board of Board Game Community Leaders, which will be coming from all sorts of various board game areas including content creators, social media organizers, and event creators. Applications are welcome, but every entry is hand-picked by Gaming Caravan’s Owner & CEO, Daniel J Raines. The board then send up to 2 submissions for each category (while editing categories if need be) and the most popular entries are added as NOMINEES. There are no more than 3–5 entries per category, to ensure only the best get added as options.

How Does Voting Work?

After the Board adds their votes for nominees, the forms are created and posted for everyone to vote on. Only one vote per person is allowed, which is tracked by your email address you input when voting. If there are more than one vote per category for an email, the oldest one gets deleted and replaced with the new entry. Whichever nominee gets the most amount of votes in their category by the closing time, wins!

What Do Winners & Nominees Get?

In an effort to keep this light-hearted and a positive event, winners and nominees do not receive any prize, other than bragging rights. We will, however, provide promotional assets to put on boxes, website, or wherever they’d like to show they won the award(s).