Caravan Convoy 2024

Orlando, FL

Who We Are

Here at Gaming Caravan, we specialize in tabletop event organizing. We’ve been successfully running local events throughout Central Florida and growing an awesome board game community of both designers, dedicated players, and new members to tabletop.dd

What Will Be There

We’re working with various local designers and worldwide publishers to deliver unique experiences, including playtesting opportunities, demos for upcoming releases, board game design boxes to get started on your first game, get your games signed by the designers, see games coming soon to crowdfunding, and MORE!!

Ticket Bundles

We will have various ticket bundles. Scroll down to see all options.

Merch Options

We will have exclusive T-Shirts there, as well as our other new upcoming items. Stay tuned by clicking the GET NOTIFIED button below!

When & Where?

All details are on our FACEBOOK EVENT here. The event will be June 15th, 2024 at Spirit of Joy in Orlando, FL! The exact times will be from 9AM – 8PM. Look at the schedule below for more details.

Ticket Options

General Ticket

Experience new games
$ 16
  • Entry to Event
  • Entry to Flea Market
  • Entry to Demo Area
  • Access to Upcoming Games

Market Table

Sell your games
$ 28
  • General Ticket
  • Table at Flea Market

Demo Table

Playtest your games!
$ 32
  • General Ticket
  • Table in Demo Hall

Family Bundle

Save money on tickets !
$ 50
  • Four (4) General Tickets

VIP Ticket

Get an upgraded experience and save money!
$ 60
  • General Ticket
  • Caravan Convoy 2024 Exclusive T-Shirt
  • Meal Voucher (App, Entree, & Drink)
  • & more!

Lifetime Ticket

Have a ticket at EVERY Caravan Convoy. Forever.
$ 120
  • General Ticket at every Caravan Convoy forever.

Event Schedule

Hours: 9AM – 8PM


Convention OPENS
Board Game Flea Market OPENS
Free Gaming Space & Library OPENS
 Play-to-Win OPENS


Board Game Flea Market CLOSES


Local Game Designer Demos OPENS
Concessions OPENS


Convention CLOSES