About Us

What is the Gaming Caravan?

The Gaming Caravan exists as a way to gather the board game lovers of Central Florida together for the sole-purpose of creating a tight-nit community. We work together with friendly, local, game stores to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

Events will be posted at least 2-weeks ahead of time at various locations in the Central Florida area (and possibly some conventions, too).

Once we build a dedicated base of influence, we’ll make our first store front so all the fun & games to be had at events can be had all week long, with new events happening every week.

Contact Us

We appreciate all support given to us, including your feedback! If you’d like to give us feedback on our website or events, volunteer, or have any questions about our sponsorships or anything else, be sure to fill out the Contact Form below and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

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